Hey, Y’all!

I am the author of, “Blue, Baseball, Virginia–The Journey of an Alzheimer’s Patient and Caregiver, A Journey of Humor, Help, and Hope!”  I took care of my mother-in-law and she regained about 18 months of her abilities back and I was asked by her neurologist to write a book…so I did.

I am Southern and Sarcastic.  It just helps deal with the ugliness of life.

My grandbabies (and everybody else’s babies that I know) call me Cha Cha.  It means, “the only other person who loves you as much as your momma.”  I have raised four great kiddos and give out tons of advice to young parents all the time.  Sometimes, they have even asked for it.  😉   I have a child training book coming out soon.

I’d LOVE to hear from you!  Shoot me an e-mail:  lorriedavismcdonald@hotmail.com or follow me on Facebook: Lorrie McDonald


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